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These are some examples of my work. I add to this file as I create.  If you see something here that you want but you want a different stone or different colour copper wire (silver, gold, pink, black, turquoise etc.),  I can make it just for you.

striped blue agate bow.jpg



This is a beautiful blue striped agate oval. I added a Moissanite. The Moissanite is glued in place in front of the wire netting and also bordered on top by two more wires.  


Tiny Trees

My first attempts at Tiny trees.

The one on the far left is made from 3 cm pink Agate stone beads. It sits on a Pink Agate slice.

The one in the middle is made from tiny white beads and a found stone, Can you spot the fairy? 

The one on the far right is made of Hematite stone beads. It sits on a Labradorite Stone. There's a fairy in this one too.




This one I tore apart because I think I can do better.

Many many times I have started over again because I don't think it's good enough.


Purple Flower Power

My first attempt at flower ear cuffs. Now you know this is me and that I earned every one of those grey hairs!

Purple Flower_edited.jpg
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